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Duck Egg – Curry


Today Steve, Olivia and Zoe took me out to The Pint of Milk for mothers day breakfast – I had delicious eggs, this time served with bacon, avocado and hollandaise sauce on a toasted bagel – another great use for those left over egg yolks. Hollandaise requires gentle heat and can even be made (no stirring) in a thermomix or a steamer ,if you are lucky enough to have one.

This reminded me of my own mother, who was a country girl at heart, and loved all animals and at various stages kept chickens and even a pair of ducks.

Whilst we remain comfortable cooking hen’s eggs, their are other eggs that can be used and enjoyed in our diets.

Quail eggs are attractive little speckled eggs and can be cooked in the same way as hen’s eggs, though for rather less time.

Duck Eggs are much bigger and contain a little more fat than hen’s eggs.They can be used in scrambled,omelettes, soft boiled eggs, deserts and curry. Egg dishes are often made at home in India.

I include a link for duck curry to the Guardian Newspaper, which has excellent food recipes and links.