Month: October 2015

why didn’t my recipe work??


I love new recipes and have many cookbooks and food magazines . I too am drawn in by the glossy photos and think yes i can make that !! How disappointing when the recipe doesn’t work

I work with food everyday in my work life and then come home and cook for my family. I try new recipes every few days and see some of the  many pit stops that trip us all up

my advice is to help you make the right judgments

  1. The temperature of recipes are often incorrect. Most modern ovens that are fan forced operate at 160c , i picked up a recipe the other day and it suggested 190c . That is a very high temperature that will overcook the cake. Trust your own judgment and get a feel for your own oven.
  2. Cake tin size is imperative. I followed a recipe that asked for a large tin but when i mixed the cake it only made a smaller amount. Cake mixture should always be at least half way up the tin. I f the mixture is too big take some out or use a larger tin.
  3. Cooking times are very variable. they are affected by the moisture of all products . in a cake for example if you add more fruit it could take longer.
  4. cake mixers are often very dry , even when i have followed the directions. don’t be frightened to add some more liquid like milk to loosen the mixture up
  5. Don’t be afraid to open the oven, it won’t hurt the food ,unless it is a souffl√© !!

Most important use your eyes and your sense of smell