Crazy Weird foods


This week I invited a friend Graham to dinner. Graham is a very fine cook and is always keen to try cooking and eating new foods. Whilst shopping in our local little vietnamese area “” little Saigon” he picked up some very delicious Sydney rock oysters, as well as some sea urchins.

He gave me a quick ring and asked if I was up to the challenge of preparing a new food. I certainly was very curious about what was going to arrive and knowing it was purchased in the market that is called “Little Saigon” I guessed that it would be probably be a seafood.

I have tried sea urchins before during a boat ride around a greek island. The fisherman simply lifted one out of the water cracked it open and we all tried the roe. I didn’t have fond memories of it or the texture !!

This time Graham opened the first sea urchin carefully (they are quite spiky) and removed the roe , a pale soft mustard. We squirted a little lemon juice over and I was enraptured ! The second and third urchins had a completely different flavour and I didn’t enjoy them at all.

It shows how important it is to keep trying new things !!

please share your knowledge

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