Delicious Winter Deserts


On Sunday I was asked to give some cooking classes at South Melbourne market. I jostled with a few different ideas. It has been soo cold in Melbourne and the food we eat when it is cold  becomes even more important. Should it be slow cooked meals ?? Perhaps hearty soups, but in a moment of needing sugar we decided on winter deserts!!

Over four hours we cooked chocolate steamed pots, cherry clafouti, Pear and Almond tart, but the all time favourite was white chocolate, croissant and raspberry pudding.

This pudding is a fancy take on the good old fashioned bread and butter pudding that our mothers made ,to help keep hungry stomachs happy.Then my mother made the pudding with simple white sliced bread, but I prefer to use either a good fruit bread or left over panetone. I have even been known to store one in the freezer from christmas so I can whip up this treat in winter.

The key to getting this desert right is using fabulous croissants !!! We were lucky enough to have a new patisserie called Agate

open just a week earlier and her croissants are amazing. They are light buttery and crisp !!!

I cut the croissants into half , spread with a nice berry jam and then cut them into four smaller pieces.Place these pieces into a heat proof dish. Dot the croissants with raspberry’s and small pieces of white chocolate. The quality of your chocolate will always have an impact so lindt is best.

Heat 425ml cream and 100g castor sugar until the sugar has dissolved. When this mixture is cool whisk in 4 eggs. Pour this mixture over the croissant and rest in the fridge for at least two hours. This step allows the croissant to soak up the custard .

Bake in an oven at approximately 180c for 35 to 40 minutes. Allow to stand for at leaf 10 minutes before serving.

please share your knowledge

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