Jerusalem Artichokes


Yesterday I was out walking with good friend Stella.I met Stella when our two children started at kindergarten and feel lucky to have such a great friend, that also loves food and cooking.

Stella teaches at the local primary school, where they have a very fine vegetable patch. On our walk around our neighbourhood, Stella suggested we stop in at the primary school and have a look at what she described as a very strange vegetable.

Digging through the soil we turned up a great patch of Jerusalem Artichokes. They look like large pieces of ginger but are actually a tuber that are part of the sunflower family. I rarely see them at the supermarket, or even at market.

I think most people don’t know what they are or what to do with them !! Sadly they are delicious once cooked and make an excellent soup. The downside is that they take foreever to peel and it is peeling them today that reminds me how fidlly it can be !!!

My recommendation is to preserver and cook them with leek or onion , stock and make a delicious soup,or steam them and mash them like a potato.

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