Month: June 2015

Easy Pasta


Tonight Olivia asked for her favourite pasta, it was a dish of leftovers that combined the very simple ingredients of pumpkin, leek and cream, served with a good parmesan cheese.

Simply fry one leek that has been finely sliced, remember to wash the leek well as they hold quite a bit of sandy dirt. After the leek has been sautéed in butter and oil , add pumpkin, that has been cut into a small cube. cooking together this mixture will take a good eight minutes, testing to see if the pumpkin has softened.

I like to add a splash of verjuice for flavour, but you can skip this step. To this mixture pour in 300 mls of cream, thin cream would be fine. I then simmer this mixture for a few minutes until it all thickens slightly.

Don’t forget season with salt and pepper and serve on top of some fettucine and enjoy !!images copy 11

Easy Steamed Chocolate Pudding



I love to entertain but some times lack the time to pre prepare the food so am always on the lookout for something I can easily whip up with a few ingredients that are always in my pantry.

Those ingredients are Chocolate (mostly I try to hide this from my children !!!) , Coffee, Eggs and sugar.

It is easy to prepare, takes no time to make and is a delicious light desert that is beutifully matched with steamed fruit or fresh berries.

Simply melt 200g Chocolate with 100g castor sugar and 100ml espresso coffee in a double boiler or in a bowl sitting over simmering water.

Once melted beat in 4 egg yolks . Place into a small china cup or souffle mould with around 50 to 60  mls. Cover with baking paper or with foil.

Steam for around 30 minutes .



Flour less Orange Cake


Asked by a new friend for an easy cake recipe and my immediate reply was did she have a food processor ?

The Classic Claudia Roden flour less cake came to mind simply because it is so easy to make and yet delicious to eat.

There are a few variations about, namely instead of always cooking oranges you could substitute mandarin or even a lime.

If you don’t own a steamer simply boil 2 oranges for 2 hours ( covered in water) when cool cut whole fruit roughly removing the pips. ( the pips make it bitter)

Place chopped oranges along with 250 g castor sugar,250g almond meal , 1 tsp baking powder. Blend until smooth.

Place in a greased lined 24 cm tin at 170c fan forced oven for about 40 mins to 60 minutes.