Month: January 2015

Lumberjack pudding


Have just tried making a lumberjack pudding. I am familiar with the cake which I believe is an American cake made with dates. It is just delicious if you have never made one, the pudding was even more delicious served warm with a dash of fresh cream.

This pudding has

200g dates chopped. Topping
250ml water
1 tspn bicarbonate of soda 75g unsalted butter
125g butter 80g soft brown sugar
230g caster sugar. 80 ml milk
1 egg 60g shredded coconut
2 Granny Smith apples grated
125 g plain flour
60 g sr flour

Heat dates with water , bring to the boil – when cool add soda of bi carb

Cream together butter and sugar, add egg, fold in date mixture and flours

Place into a well greased oven dish 20 x 30 cm

Meanwhile place all the topping ingredients in a saucepan and heat, until butter has melted.

Bake in an oven for approximately 40 minutes at 165c . When 15 mins are up add topping to pudding and continue baking.

Delicious peaches

In my ongoing quest to consume healthy food I have been enjoying the fresh summer peaches, I really love white peaches but both varieties if ripe are delicious.

I have such a sweet tooth and can find myself searching the house for something sweet after dinner.

Tonight I steamed some whole peaches . I cut the top of them , removed the stone , drizzling some honey inside – they would be lovely with some nuts placed inside and baked but with my healthy drive I opted for a fresh date.

I then steamed them for at least 10 minutes at 100c if you have a steamer or until they are soft. I like to serve them with a plain yoghurt to give that creamy finish.

The peaches cooked will then loose their skin easily , this appeals to me because I am not fond of eating the skin !


Hot and Sour Steamed Chicken

IMG_0035I have had a lovely time eating masses of desert and consuming way too many glasses of wine and champagne !! When someone close to me , my husband pointed out my new bread basket, thats my new stomach I realised it was time to halt the over consumption and get a little healthier.

Thats when the steamer comes into its own. Tonight I steamed some chicken thigh filets for 12 minutes and although they do not look fabulous they are moist and tender. The key is to put them into a sauce or dressing that adds a punch of flavour.

Served with some fresh greens like broccolini and rice and presto you have a quick easy meal in about 14 minutes. You can quickly prepare the dressing while the chicken and the rice are finished off. Don’t forget to add the green vegetables for the last two minutes.

The dressing is made up of

2 tbsp finely chopped coriander stems

5cm piece of ginger ,cut into strips

2 spring onions sliced finely

2 garlic cloves chopped finely

1 large red chilic finely chopped

2 tbspn light soy sauce

1 tbspn brown vinegar

1 tspn brown sugar

1 tspn sesame oil

2 tbspn peanut oil

Combine all of the above  and pour over chicken while chicken is warm.