Month: November 2014

Steamed prawns balls


I love eating dumplings – such delicious morsels of goodness but I admit my rolling skills are not the best and resort to buying them even though the filling is easily made

These little balls have a similar taste but are way easier to prepare and don’t require the same skill , in fact they can be made ahead of time and even freeze well

I am sure you could also substitute the prawn for chicken and achieve the same texture and get a similar result. Remember to always add lots of herbs and a touch of fresh chilli for flavour .

The method is roughly chop or blend (in food processor) 700g green raw prawns . To this mix add  two finely chopped spring onion or one small red onion also finely chopped, add one chopped clove of garlic, one egg yolk , one teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt and pepper.Combine with wet hands into small balls.

Take a packet of wonton skins (from the supermarket or asian grocer ) – finely slice them to resemble strands, place into a container.

Put a heaped teaspoon of the prawn mixture in the shredded skins and using your hands roll them around so that the ball is covered by the wonton strands.

Steam at 100c for seven minutes and serve with a nice spicy soy or sweet chill sauce.


Quick Sunday Curry


Today I bought home Steve from Hospital, and knew that he had taken one look at the fish for dinner the night before , it was cooked and reheated  and certainly looked horrible.

I knew Steve would want and need a comforting curry to fill his stomach and warm his body. Good food always makes us feel better.

I have been making really delicious curry pastes in the Thermomix and have been amazed at the speed and ease in which I have been able to quickly produce them.

This night I didn’t have the right ingredients for a fresh paste ,so made up a quick curry using curry powder and some bought madras curry paste. I also had some leftover lamb from a lamb roast.

After sautéing some onion I added two different curry powders and some curry paste. I find combining a few different powders or pastes gives the curry a more complex flavour.I also like to add some root vegetables such as carrot and potato along with pumpkin. This gives the curry some body.

My finishing touches are fresh herbs and a good dollop of yoghurt and sweet tomato chutney.

Pad Thai

Originally posted on Glorious Food:
How I love to eat Noodles – they are so comforting and generally don’t require many ingredients. This dish is my lunch at a hotel in Phuket. Simply garnished with prawns, lettuce and bean sprouts – Yum !! Fresh Noodles…