Month: July 2014

Great Steak simply steamed

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This week I want to talk about using steam as a form of cooking steak. The advantage of this is to cook the protein slowly giving a beautiful moist tender piece of meat that has not lost any of its moisture or flavour.

The key is to cook it at a lower temperature for longer – for example set your steamer at 50c and cook a piece of sirloin steak – about 300g for 45 minutes.

It is best to steam first – cool the meat and then simply heat a frypan with a minimum of oil. When the oil starts to smoke place the steak in to simply colour. Brown one side and then brown the other.

The finished result is a browned steak which is beautiful moist and tender.

If you have a thermomix follow these steps

Steaming Ahead with Duck

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I have decided to do a series on steaming since it has become such a popular form of cooking – I really think they will be the newest appliance to rival a microwave.

Steaming has better results than microwaving and maintains more nutrients. Food looks and tastes more delicious.

Whats fun with cooking with a steamer is cooking food at lower temperatures – for example cooking eggs at 100c for 3 minutes or by simply cooking it at a lower temperature of 90c reduces the heat and its effect on the protein delivering softer more subtle result.

Last week on SBS Food Safari french cooking Mark Best cooked a whole duck using steam not at 100c but at 60c – this took 4 hours . This method produced a succulent moist soft fleshed duck.He then finished it off in a very hot oven producing a crisp brown duck . 

This method would apply equally for chicken with just a shorter cooking time when steaming.


Cooking Fruit




Sometimes we end up with simply too much fruit , we had brought a bunch of Beurre Bosc pears to place in a large bowl for table decoration. The brown pear worked well on the grey coloured bowl.

Now comes the challenge of what to do with them? We steamed some with sugar and spices to serve with frangipane and pear tart with chocolate.

One of my favourite things to do with some fruits is to roast them. With the pears we cut them into quarters along with parsnip and a drizzle of butter and baked them at about 160c for about 45 minutes .

The roasted pears are golden and sweet and were the perfect accompaniment to roast pork.

Fruits that are suitable to roast/bake/grill are pineapple , apple ,peach ,apricot , nectarine  and strawberries. Roasted strawberries with a splash of balsamic vinegar is delicious with a good vanilla ice-cream .