Month: May 2014

Taste of Japanese


Last week I joined a group of fellow foodies to enjoy a dinner organised by kenny from the food blog “Consider the Sauce” to enjoy food prepared by Marco and Maria at La Morenita, a small bakery tucked away in Sunshine. We had a fabulous time eating traditional baked items from South America.

One of the food highlights was their burger which had a thin slice of topside wedged within !! It was tender and tasty – who would ever believe topside could be so tender  !!!

What I found even more fascinating was tucked away in their shelves of food for sale was a bunch of dried seaweed . I knew Kombu was a popular food consumed regularly in Japan but in South America ???

It seems they make a soup called locro which combines beans and kombi is used to flavour the stock.

I Love the taste of seaweed and made a delicious powder with wakame and toasted sesame seeds black and white ground together (equal quantities of each 100g ). It is delicious sprinkled on top of cooked fish .






Thermomix Fun


This week my oven died (ouch) a little before our renovation is to happen !!! Fortunately at the same time I took delivery of a Thermomix.

We use one quite a bit at work and have used it more and more as an assistant over the last four years – it wasn’t until it was used to make quince paste – a laborious job of slowly cooking and stirring the paste until it thickens and colours that beautiful pink red colour. This can take hours to slowly thicken this mixture. Wow I was very impressed with that ability to cook and stir simultaneously.

At Sunday lunch I thought I would christen it and cook a quick pumpkin and sweet potato soup. This appliance quickly chopped the onion, cooked it – then chopped the pumpkin and with stock added finished cooking in about 20 minutes – with the best part ,is the incredible smooth blending at the end.

It was a joy to use and took away some of the pain from having no oven.





Fabulous Chocolate Cake Gluten Free

Image-1chocolate cake

This week it was a quite Saturday so I had a lovely time making a chocolate cake called “Gianduja marjolaine” a classic French cake which has layered merinque for the April birthday girls Amanda, Sophie and Laura.

When Amanda selected this cake I thought oh that  looks ok but felt a little twinge of regret when I looked at the method and isn’t it scary when you see so many words on a recipe .

Fortunately this cake is simply one meringue sheet baked for 25 minutes – cut into 4 pieces and wedged together with a hazelnut chocolate mixture and covered with chocolate ganache.

My job was made easy because I had a thermomix to grind the almonds and melt the chocolate.

The hardest part was testing the merinque to see if it was ready. The merinque needs not to be sticky nor too hard or it will fall apart when it is cut.

There is a link for the recipe to a blog called teaforsix.