Month: April 2014

Simply Cherry Clafoutis


Last night we celebrated my nephew Paul’s 27th birthday. When asked what kind of cake would he prefer he said “Oh I am not really into cake but I do like desert !!”

So after a simple meal I threw together an old quick favourite of Cherry Clafouti. The weather here in Melbourne has turned that little bit cool in the evenings and a hot desert was just what was required for all of us.

I usually keep a good bottle of cherries or even tinned strawberries in the pantry ,so if required a desert can be easily prepared.Fresh cherries are delicious in this method but not for sale in the shops at this time of the year .Sometimes I will drain the cherries and if the syrup tastes nice I will reduce it down to add as a nice sauce. Be careful to watch this process as I have often forgotten to watch and bingo a burnt sugary pot !!

The recipe for this is the cheats version – simply whip two eggs together with one half cup of sugar and 300mls thick style cream. Once this mixture is blended add one half  cup of self raising flour. Spoon this mixture over the drained fruit. Bake in a moderate oven for approximately 35 to 40 minutes and you will have a delicious desert.

This mixture can easily be flavoured with zest of a lemon, almond meal could also be substituted for flour and a sprinkle of alcohol and nuts over the fruit is also a tasty addition.

As I scraped the last serve into a smaller dish someone came back for thirds and I felt satisfied everyone was happy.




The Guardian writes a very wordy article on making the real desert should you like to read it here is a link perfect-cherry-clafoutis





Amazing breakfast in Cape Town

imageSteve and I have escaped Melbourne over Easter for a quick holiday to Cape Town for Leslie and Dom’s wedding. it has been a treat being in a new city trying new cuisines and seeing what’s happening on the other side of the world. Melbournes food scene is pretty amazing and I know not too expect too much from other cities

I had read about an old biscuit mill in Woodstock an old industrial side of the city which oddly enough reminds me of parts of Melbourne ! Here was the most fantastic food market selling fresh food and fabulous coffee.

Steve and I battled the morning rush hour and grabbed  a table in a small French style cafe .Here I had the best breakfast I think I have ever eaten ( sorry Melbourne) . It was two thin slices of rye lightly toasted spread with a chive flavoured chèvre – on this was fluffy scrambled eggs,smoked trout and some capsicum sauce topped with rocket – it was truly delicious !



Apple Tarte Tartin




Now that the weather is cooling we are having crisp mornings and cooler evening it makes me crave some of those old french classes dishes such as tart tartin – its that divine mixture of fresh apples , buttery puff pastry and a sprinkling of sugar to caramelise the top – just delicious with cream.

The Key is to use fresh sweet apples and great puff pastry. I like to use a good brand like Careme in Melbourne – the supermarket brands usually use animal fat and not lovely butter so the pastry will not taste very nice and have poor mouth feel.




Heres is a link to a good recipe.