Month: November 2013

Crunchy Coleslaw


As the weather in Melbourne changes I long to eat more salads and one of my perennial favourites is Coleslaw. It can be such a great carrier of different flavours, Sometimes I like to make an asian style slaw and add coriander, spring onion and fish sauce with a hint of soy and chill to complete.


The photo above boasts two different cabbages, strips of capsicum and long strips of carrot which is simply achieved by peeling length ways with a vegetable peeler.A fine chop of fresh herbs complete the colour and add another layer of flavour.

My tips for a great but different coleslaw are.

1. Cut your cabbage super fine – think of adding in some red and white cabbage together for colour.

2. All other vegetables also need to be cut finely and cut vertically – for example cut strips of vegetables not chunks.

3. The dressing does not have to be mayonnaise based but can be. I sometimes add yoghurt to thin down any mayonnaise as this will give a lighter but creamy taste.

4. A fine chop of fresh herbs to finish.

5. If you don’t want to make mayonnaise buy the best eggs style one you can.

Fun with Decorating the Dining Table

I am surrounded by some creative people. One collegue Joanne is fabulous with coming up with great decorations – in this case it was decorating trestle tables on a budget. We started with hired starched white table cloths. The middle was covered with cheap wrapping paper n black and white from Ikea. Ikea is fabulous for such things as table ware, serviettes and serving ware . Jo then purchased large imported tins of tomato,as well as small tins of tomato. Empty the tins – save the tomatoes for sauce (they will freeze well).Fresh Bunches of Herbs or even pots of herbs will provide great colour and voila – a decorated room without breaking the budget.


Mixed Up Deserts

Inspired by the very talented Isy Desert ideas were created by combining a little of those delicious flavours we all love. It started with a meringue, a salted caramel sauce, wicked berries – both cooked and a variety of uncooked – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries,

A warm chocolate sauce and presto a mini smorgasbord of delectable sweet things.


To create even more fun these desert were served in Jam Jars !!! Guests were invited to place on top of their crunchy meringue Images


 a mixture of delights – I choose a little of both the caramel and chocolate sauce – just delicious


Now for the diet!!!

Mango Cheesecake


What is it about Cheesecake we all love. is it the creamy mouth feel ? The mouse like consistency ?? I love both the baked variety and the uncooked Cheesecake. I do think sometimes the uncooked cheese cake can be a little too sweet !

In this version I have made a recipe that is normally not cooked and have steamed it , yes steamed. This cooks it through at a low temperature of 100c without loosing that creamy taste.

I then served it with pureed mango on the bottom of the plate with fresh mango slices on the top. For added texture there is a sand added which is simply praline which has been ground – this gives a little crunch.

Lastly passionfruit are in season so I have added a small amount on top for a tart taste.

My tips for making a great Cheesecake

1. Start with a good recipe – see my link below for a nice one! I chose this one because the addition of lime and ginger.

2. Always add some zest to the mixture – lime is excellent but lemon is also good. This helps with all that cream.

3. Keep the base moist but watch the butter ratio , try other bases such as xmas pudding and xmas cake – yummy for xmas day.

4. Dont make the base too thick – the cheese cream mixture is the hero.

5. If you have access to a steamer – steam it !! Just cover with baking paper so it doesn’t get wet.

6. Serve your cheesecake with a tart fruit to balance out the sweetness.

Try this one from bbd food